Promicon Systems

Third party vendor

Basically, our servo controllers can control motors from different manufacturers directly.

The objective here is that the user can always use the optimum motor for the respective application.

different motors

Direct drives

When using direct drives, we work together with a few manufacturers and can thus select optimal drives and combine them with our servo controllers.

Direct drives offer a wide variety of designs for specific purposes and with specific characteristics.

The most important designs are:

  • Linear motors
  • Torque motors
  • Tubular motors

Special motors

For servo drives, in addition to the conventional designs, there are various special designs and versions for special applications.

Such drives can also be optimally operated in most cases with our servo drives.

  • Voice coil motors
  • Segment motors


For many motors we can provide ready-made connection diagrams. For this we ask you to contact our technical support.

If required, we also supply cables for the respective motors. This ensures complication-free operation.