Promicon Systems

Fieldbuses and networks

Interface modules for various fieldbuses and networks are available to facilitate application of the CPM-1000 in an array of system topologies.

All interface modules impress with a combination of high throughput and fast response times, factors of particular significance at high clock rates. To satisfy the demands associated with this criterion an ARM-based netX processor is used with Industrial Internet.

In addition, the servo controllers can also be controlled in non-real-time networks by the TCP/IP protocol.

This is particularly interesting for connecting the servo controllers directly to a PC or a computer, since they have an Ethernet Connection with TCP/IP is standard. Since the servo controllers have an integrated control, time-critical tasks can be realized.

With Profinet it is also possible to transmit TCP/IP in addition to the process data. This means that the access to variables, the transfer of process data and the programming run via a single connection.


Network Input bytes Output bytes Variables
Profinet 128 128 at will via TCP/IP
Profibus 32 32 -
EtherCAT 128 128 -
CANopen 32 32 20 Integer (32 bit)
20 Float (32 bit)
TCP/IP - - at will

pNET protocol

The pNET protocol is a simple ASCII protocol that allows you to freely access variables of the multi‍-‍port memory and functional objects within the servo controllers.

The pNET protocol is part of the operating system and does not require any program-related measures.

Access is via TCP/IP. It is also possible to operate several connections at the same time.

This allows external devices and computers to read and write data without affecting the automation process.